Plus: Driver’s License Circus Gets Ready To Leave Town


By: Joe Monahan


You’ve already heard about that other circus–the one featuring driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants and which is about to end its two year run. The Guv is throwing in the towel. And here’s another reason whyIllinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that grants hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants the right to drive. The new law makes Illinois the fourth state to allow driver’s licenses or permits forundocumented immigrants and comes ahead of President Obama’s  expected announcement on a plan for comprehensive immigration reform expected on Tuesday.

Quinn and the bipartisan supporters of the legislation say the measure will improve traffic safety in the state. “This new law will ensure every motorist is properly licensed to drive. It’s the right thing to do,” a spokesperson for the Governor said in a statement.

Susana senses she needs a new act. How about “The Great Compromiser?” That might please the crowds. But she can’t do it what a sour look on her face. She has to enjoy it, embrace it and mean it. And that’s a challenge for our heels-in-cement prosecutor Governor.


And we can’t let this one get away. We’ve been among those arguing for over two years for a compromise on the driver’s license issue, but each time the ABQ Journal stiff-armed the idea, calling compromise no solution and warning of dire public safety consequences. Of course, it was mostly balderdash. But guess what? Now that Susana has uttered the dreaded “C” word, the Journal has fallen in line and is aping her new outlook. Their Sunday editorial“A straight repeal would be cleaner…but…providing illegal immigrants with a separate mechanism to drive legally may be the best option the Legislature can deliver…

Well, welcome to our world, ink-stained ones. We’ve been waiting for you. And it didn’t hurt too much, did it?

The editorial writers should keep the book on compromise on the desktop. If they’re determined to stay on the same page as Susana, they’re going to need it.


We guess freshman ABQ GOP State Rep. Paul Pacheco didn’t get the memo on the driver’s license repeal. In that same edition of the Journal he is still arguing for his bill that would repeal the licenses, not reform them. Hey, Susana and Jay. Give Paul a call and tell him about the new world order.